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Follow the journey we took in 2005 as we navigated the Great American Loop. Departing from Jacksonville, Florida, we traveled north up the Intra-coastal Waterway to Norfolk, Virginia. From Norfolk our travels took us up the Chesapeake Bay, to the C & D Canal, and then over to Delaware Bay. From there we went down the Bay to Cape May, New Jersey. Due to tiding and silting of the waterway, we ran outside into the Atlantic Ocean to get to New York City.

Up the Hudson River to the Erie Canal brought us to the Oswego Canal and then across Lake Ontario to Kingston, Canada. We then followed the Trent-Severn Waterway to the Georgian Bay. We went around the top of Lake Huron, then come back across through the Mackinaw Straits into Michigan. After a short stay to visit with some family in Michigan, we traveled to Chicago, where we then rode the river systems south to Mobile, Alabama.

We traveled on the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Cumberland, and Tennessee Rivers and the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway in route to Mobile. From Mobile it was back across the Panhandle of Florida and down to Ft. Myers. From Ft. Myers, we cruised across the state on the Lake Okeechobee waterway to Stuart and then back up the Florida coast to Jacksonville.

We completed this great adventure during our summer vacation in a little over three months time. While most people select a larger boat and plan on taking a year to make it around The Great Loop, we were in a smaller boat traveling a little faster with bikes on board for land exploration excursions. Internet access enabled us to post a blog as we cruised along and upload over one thousand pictures of our adventure.

Web Log - A narrative of our 2005 adventure with archives back to the day we left home

Final Reflections - Some statistics and a few highlights of our Great Loop adventure

2005 Photo Gallery - Over 1000 pictures posted

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