During the Summer 2012 David & Barbara, aboard MemoryMaker too... travelled The North Loop (Can-Am Canal). Follow their journey as they navigated north from Jacksonville to Canada. They travelled along the Intra-coastal Waterway to Norfolk, Virginia, where they attended the AGLCA Rendezvous. The Rendezvous is aimed at folks currently doing The Great Loop, those that have completed The Great Loop and those that have dreams of one day being able to do The Great Loop. David and Barbara completed The Great Loop in 2005 and proudly fly their gold burgee signifying completion. You can read more about their 2005 Great Loop adventure from a link near the bottom.

After the Rendezvous, they travelled north along the waterway to New York, going up the Hudson River through Lake Champlain and then into the Chambly Canal to the town of Sorel on the St. Lawrence Seaway. From there they travelled down to Montreal Quebec, up the Richelieu and Rideau canals through Otawa. Their travels then took them to the Trent Severn waterway, one of the favorite locations they visited during their 2005 Great Loop adventure. When they got to the end of it, they turned around and came back across this historic Canadian waterway. Returning home in October, they pulled into their dock right in front of Hurricane Sandy.

Blog - A blog (narrative) of the 2012 Can-Am Canal Cruise

Photo Gallery - Photos of the 2012 North Loop Can-Am Canal Cruise adventure

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In 2005, David & Barbara, aboard the vessel named MemoryMaker completed The Great Loop. What an adventure it was...such great memories were made! The 2005 Great Loop adventure (blog and over 1000 pictures) is still available online.

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